Introducing (6FT) A Limited Edition Printed Publication Made In Support Of The UKQTIBIPOC Emergency Relief & Hardship Fund.

Featuring Work Made In Quarantine By Our Favorite Artist & Friends*.

All Proceeds ( Roughly £15 Per Zine After Print & Postage)
Will Be Donated To The UKQTIBIPOC Emergency Relief & Hardship Fund.

The emergency relief and hardship fund has been set up to provide short term support to Queer, Trans and Intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTIBIPOC) currently living in the UK who are affected by the outbreak and ongoing shutdown caused by Covid-19. It has been set up to support those who are immunocompromised, chronically ill, asthmatic, in quarantine or elderly as well as those in precarious and threatening financial situations due to the official lockdown imposed in the UK on March 23rd, 2020.

Adama Jalloh
Aidan Zamiri
Akeem Smith
Alfie Kungu
Andrew Thomas Huang
Anish Kapoor
Aria Shahrokhshahi
Aya Brown
Campbell Addy
Carlijn Jacobs
Cédric Kouamé
Cieron Magat
Clotilde Jiménez
D'Angelo Lovell Williams
Daniel Obasi
Daniel Sannwald
Dick Jewell
Dustin Thierry
Ed Curtis
Eddie Peake
Edward Enninful
Francois Beaurain
Gary Card
Gilleam Trapenberg
Gray Wielebinski
Harley Weir
Ib Kamara
Ifeanyi Awachie
Ivar Wigan
James Massiah
Jan Hoek
Jason's Closet
Jazz Grant
Jenn Nkiru
Jordan Hemingway
K Bailey Obazee
Kai-Isaiah Jamal
Lady Phyll
Lava La Rue
Liz Johnson Artur
Lola Flash
Louis Culture
Marlou Fernanda
Martin Parr
Matthew Stone
Ms.Carrie Stacks
Oliver Bijan
Rafael Pavarotti
Ru Enninful
Sippin’ T
Theo White
Tim Walker
Willy Ndatira
Zezi Ifore

100 Pages
Limited Edition of 500
Each Copy Comes Signed & Numbered
Please Allow 2 Weeks For Delivery